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Permanent Make-Up is a tattooing technique, known by the name of DERMOPIGMENTATION, this technique main goal is to apply a tattoo that can be biologically assimilated by the organism over time.

The use of absorbable pigments brings many advantages such as the possibility of changing the tattoo design over time, (be it the eyebrows or any other areas of choice), hence to adapt it to the changing morphology and shape of a faceas time goes by.

Permanent make-up is not just requested to “heal” and cover up beauty blemishes. It is also a means to enhance the expressiveness of a face, which is strongly related to the eyebrows, to the eyebrows shape and to their location. Eyebrows are a strong means of meta-verbal communication. Their expressiveness is of absolute importance when it comes to the communication ability of a face. Permanent Make-Up can be the solution to make a blemish disappear. However, it can also be the fulfillment of an esthetic desire.

In both cases, the positivity it brings is not just visual as its effects branch out to mend a person’s insecurities and lack of self-esteem. Simply put, it makes someone feel better about the way they look.  This already is a great accomplishment. The intra-lashes technique aims to render a stare alluring and charismatic by making the eyes more visible. It is a rather simple yet effective concept and it releases us from the necessity to wear heavy and often invasive make-up. On the other hand, an eyeliner technique will create a different effect and satisfy a different request. The eyeliner technique is more evident and it can alter the shape and asset of the eyes.

In order to modify the dropping tendency some eyes develop the eyeliner technique is the perfect answer. The ability to fulfill a desire is never to be discounted as it often brings psychological benefits with it. Filling-up techniques are instead fundamental to even out the lips pigmentation in case of a hypo chromatic situation. Reconstruction techniques are needed if the lips asymmetry is rather visible or if one wishes to “augment” the lips volume without touching the anatomic structure of a face. The hyper realistic technique is the most apt to accomplish that, as it will allow the customer to enrich the beauty of her lips with a simple touch of gloss.
Eyebrows natural looking hair
Eyebrows 3D brows 3 COLOURS
Eyeliner Top and Bottom
Eyeliner Top Lid only
Eyeliner Lower Lid Only
Eyelash Enhancement LIFT
Lips Line Definer
Lips correction of lip line + color volume
Lips – Full Tint lipstick look
Lips – Colour Retexturizing – Full Lips